Chaldexx - We Care About You - Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Repair. Augment. Perfect.

We are driven by a belief in a better world and are committed to making strides in the direction of positive change - change foryou. success arises from quantifiable results, and to us that means putting the future of the human race at the core of everything we do.

Our Mission

To bring to the world bioscience products that improve lives and deliver outstanding value to customers and shareholders.

Our Vision

To be the world’s best bioscience company. For us, being the ‘best’ means developing innovative new gene-based medicine that really make a difference to people’s lives and addresses significant areas of unmet genetic disorders. To achieve this Chaldexx is committed to:

  • Repairingthe world's physical disorders and genetic mistakes by resetting the standards for health and fitness
  • Augmentingthe human condition to supportyouin the 21st Century and beyond
  • Perfectingthe species by developing evolution's natural condition foryourbenefit

Our Values

You We are committed toyou-yourhealth, fitness, and being the best thatyoucan be

Now We are interested in today's issues: climate change, the credit crisis, war, genocide, famine; and invested in what we can do to bring about change for the better

The Future We are dedicated to making a better world for all, so while we're working on current issues we always have an eye on what's coming. What's the next big issue? What should we be worried about? How can we affect change to bring about a future that we deserve?

If you trust in us we will deliver. We will be there for you and your children.

Chaldexx - Repair. Augment. Perfect. 

Chaldexx People

Rich McClure, Sarah Bobson and Donny Drummond.  Security detail, Moose Lake plant, MN.  “I love this job”, says Sarah.  “These guys are my family! With a company as caring as Chaldexx, it’s a privilege to serve and protect all our employees.  I love them all!”