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Samantha, can you please insert some Chaldexx corporate bull here... the usual lovey-dovey blah blah blah.  Thanks!  See you for coffee tomorrow? M.

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Betty, Bertha and Belinda Conestoga’s Hen Party

Betty, Bertha and Belinda Conestoga’s Hen Party
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That’s right – three sisters all getting married in the morning! And all to husbands they’ve found inside the warm and caring Chaldexx family, South American division. Not just a great place to work – but also, a great place to find your true love, too!

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BrigitteSafeway, executive assistant London & Christo Fanshawe, Pilates instructor.  “You bet it’s a tough job!” says Brigitte, “but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  At Chaldexx, we work hard and play harder!  Lunchtime Pilates sessions are just one way Chaldexx cares about its people.  And you know what?  We care back!”