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The Delicate Question of Clinical Trials

We all live on the same planet.

One big family of seven billion human beings.  Most of the time, we get along with each other just fine.

How do we manage to do that?  Well, the most important thing is respect for other people’s diversity.

Wars happen when people forget that.

At Chaldexx, we respect the planet’s diversity.  We know that what’s right for one society and culture may not be so easily accepted elsewhere.

That’s why we take our human-based science work to their regions and countries who can most benefit from our presence and sustaining investment.

To places where we’re welcomed with open arms as suppliers of jobs, money and hope for the future.  To places that may have different values and customs to those some people may be used to in the West.

Intolerance.  That’s one thing we can’t stand.  We hate it when one group of people tries to impose its values on another.  When bossy-boots Westerners try to tell other parts of the world how to behave and how to think.  

That’s how wars start.

At Chaldexx, we respect the rights of all third-world peoples to become part of the worldwide Chaldexx family in any way they choose.  We respect their rights to use their bodies in any way they choose.

And most of all, we respect their rights to make a living wage by renting their biologies to us for vital clinical trials science.  

Cutting-edge science that’s leading the way in the fight against human imperfection worldwide.

The Chaldexx Fund for Post-Science Survivor Support has already paid out close to $50m in long-term aid for our science partners and their surviving relatives in third word countries – yet more proof, if it were needed, of our long –term commitment to excellence in clinical trials globally.

Chaldexx.  Our family – like our vision – is global.

Chaldexx People


Kimberly Ann Smith, laboratory technician, Carshalton, UK.   “My exam grades weren’t what I’d hoped for when I left school”, explains Kimberly, “and I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do with my life.  The Chaldexx family have really taken me under their wing – I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!”