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Chaldexx develop medicines we like to call 'biopharmaceuticals'.

We don't like to call them drugs...nasty word! As  that South Park cartoon character says,"drugs are bad, n'kay?".

And not just any biopharmaceuticals. Ever hear of a little medicine called Tripoxan? It's one of the world's most effective treatments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

We took a line of molecules that were doing some good fighting clinical depression...and found a whole new way to use them.

OCD is what's known as a 'free will' disorder. Patients with OCD don't actually want to be washing their hands or cleaning floors all day long. There's a switch in their brain that turns off the ability to use their 'free will'.

Imagine what human beings could achieve with the help of medicines that can tap intofree will!

The science of the brain-mind connection is what it's all about for Chaldexx.

We think outside the box - that's what makes us special.

Chaldexx People


Ginny Santini and Trixie (6), Head of Reproductive Ethics & Compliance, Perth WA.  “Trixie is my third baby!” says proud mum Ginny.  “So I know a thing or two about reproduction!  Chaldexx really cares about making the world a better place for the next generation.  As a parent, it's good to know I’m working for such a caring company.”