Welcome to the Wide World of Chaldexx! Welcome to the Wide World of Chaldexx!

Chaldexx cares aboutyou.

We care about the future.

We care aboutyourfuture.

Thatís what makes us Chaldexx Ė spanning continents, spanning cultures, spanning the globe.

The sky is the limit. We only want the best Ė for you, and for us.

Chaldexx specialises in the development and commercialisation of proto-innovative gene-based medicines. Sounds like a mouthful?† Perhaps.

But with Chaldexx, one thing is certain: you shouldalwaysexpect the unexpected.† We're that kind of company.† Surprising.† Resourceful.† And very, very caring.

Our highly engineered virally-aware diverse delivery sub-systems are unchallenged worldwide.† With good reason.† After all, thatís what we represent; today and tomorrow.† Times change Ė our values donít.

Chaldexx is renowned for in-house clinical, regulatory and manufacturing know-how.† But letís speak plainly.† This is what it boils down to: patients and patents.† Thatís what defines us.

Thatís what we care about.† Here, and everywhere.† Underpinned by over 7000 patent families, which represent one of the broadest patent estates in the universe.

So welcome to our world.† Welcome to your world.† Theyíre the same Ė arenít they?

Chaldexx†- Repair. Augment. Perfect.

Chaldexx is a sustaining member of the BioCaucus International Regulatory Commission and the North Atlantic Biotechnology Organization.